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Pet Birds

If you are in the Milwaukee, WI area and need immediate care for your bird please visit 

Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA)
3670 South 108th Street
Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228
: 414-543-PETS (Available 24/7)

I am now available at MECA on Mondays and Tuesdays, by advance appointment. You may make appointments by calling in yourself or your veterinarian can refer you to us. MECA is an emergency clinic so we can also see your bird after hours or on weekends, 24/7, if the need arises. If I am not at the clinic the doctors can reach me for consultation or even call me in to assist with difficult cases.

I also hold wellness clinics at Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education, every third Saturday of most months, where I perform routine health checks. Because of the limited equipment and personnel available, this clinic is not equipped for advanced medical cases or emergencies. If you are interested in an appointment or further information, call CARE at (262) 875-4115.

Finding an Avian Veterinarian

 There are two excellent search tools available to you. Bear in mind that sometimes information can get a little out of date if a clinician moves, retires, etc. So be sure to call and make an appointment before showing up!

Member search for the Association of Avian Veterinarians (an international association for avian-interested veterinarians)

Search for Board-Certified Avian Veterinarians at the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

Pet Bird Resources

Eclectus Parrot Nutrition and Diet Conversion

Large Parrot Nutrition and Diet Conversion (Amazons, cockatoos, macaws, greys)

Nutrition and Diet Conversion for Small Ground-Foraging Parrots (budgies, cockatiels)

Nutrition and Diet Conversion for Small Tree-Foraging Parrots (conures, lovebirds, parrotlets)

Parrot Enrichment
Kris Porter has launched a website called Parrot Enrichment with videos and helpful online books on foraging and training for captive parrots. If you are dealing with behavioral challenges in your birds or just want to learn more about what you can do to enrich your bird's lives, click on over and be encouraged!