519 S 68th St
Milwaukee, WI 53214


Away on Field Work in June, 2021

I will be unavailable for all of June, 2021 as I'll be performing field work in Alaska and doing a bit of travel afterwards. Feel free to send an email if your concern is non-urgent. Otherwise, if you have a bird emergency, contact MECA at 414-543-7387 or the University of Wisconsin-Madison veterinary teaching hospital.

Pet Birds


Dr. Ford w/Macaw

I've been seeing pet birds for over 20 years. I only see birds. I currently consult on medical cases and see a limited number of clients in the Milwaukee, WI area.

For emergencies or specialist referral, contact Milwaukee Emergency Clinic for Animals (MECA)

For medical consults, your veterinarian can contact me through the Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

For routine annual exams, consider the wellness clinics I offer through the Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education (CARE). They are located at 720 N. Barstow St., Waukesha, WI 53186. I hold clinics there from 1-5 pm, usually the third Saturday of each month. Call 262-875-4115 for more information or to make an appointment.


Wild Birds


Dr. Ford w/Eagle

I have dedicated most of my career to the care and conservation of wild birds. If you're a research biologist, a rehabilitator, or just someone that loves to help wild birds, check out my website dedicated to the care of wild birds:


Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Ford...

and I'm a specialist in avian medicine and surgery. I attend pet and wild birds exclusively because, the way I see it, birds are a diverse group of animals with special needs and it requires focus to be the best at caring for them. I see pet bird patients in Wisconsin. I am also available for consultations and wild bird research support anywhere in North America or beyond.