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Well-Bird Clinics at Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education

I've teamed up with CARE to offer appointments for pet birds. These are "well-bird" clinics for non-critical consultations only (e.g., annual exams, behavioral concerns, corrective trimming, and minor problems). The clinics are held the third Saturday of every month from 1 pm to 5 pm. Please call CARE at (262) 875-4115 for more information and to schedule an appointment. CARE is located at 720 N Barstow St, Waukesha, WI 53186. I am also working on an association with a local clinic for offering more advanced care and after-hours services and will announce when I have that figured out. My plan at this time is to remain available part-time only.

Field Research Trip to the Dakotas

I spent the month of August travelling around South and North Dakota performing transmitter implant surgeries on mallard ducks as part of a joint effort between researchers at South Dakota State University, South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks, and North Dakota Game & Fish. It is the first large-scale use of a new implantable transmitter design that utilizes both GPS location and GSM (cell phone data) for tracking. We had tremendous success with zero mortality and early results look promising. This is also a first in that the cohort being studied are young ducks hatched just this year. The hope is to learn what habitat needs young birds have and what pressures or attractions guide their movements.

Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Ford...

and I'm a specialist in avian medicine and surgery. I attend pet and wild birds exclusively because, the way I see it, birds are a diverse group of animals with special needs and it requires focus to be the best at caring for them. I see pet bird patients in Wisconsin. I am also available for consultations and wild bird research support anywhere in North America or beyond.