ASVS Files - '20110613 Goose Banding'http://alaskabirddoc.evetsites.netAvian Specialty Veterinary Services of Alaska (Dr. Scott Ford, DVM, ABVP-Avian) provides avian veterinary care to wild and companion birds in Alaska.2007-09-Alaska Bird Club Hosts Seminar September, 2007, the Alaska Bird Club hosted Dr. Scott Ford for a seminar on avian emergency medical techniques.file/38668/2007-09-Alaska Bird Club Hosts Seminar2007-10-Minimally Invasive Surgical Training Ford visited Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida and learned about minimally-invasive endosurgery in ducks.file/38669/2007-10-Minimally Invasive Surgical Training2007-11-Peacock Neuters in Washington Ford travels to Washington to perform orchidectomies (testicle removal) in 4 peacocks.file/38670/2007-11-Peacock Neuters in Washington2008-06-Juneau Visit Ford visits Juneau for medical appointments with pet and wild birds.file/38671/2008-06-Juneau Visit2008-08-Corner to Corner Ford attends the AAV Conference in Savannah, GA and then is off to the opposite corner of the continent (Barrow, AK) for field work.file/38672/2008-08-Corner to Corner2009-04-Oil Spill Exercise, Bald Eagle Foundation, Ford visits Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Haines, Anchorage, and Eagle River for teaching, oil spill exercises, meeting with the Bald Eagle Foundation, and pet bird appointments.file/38673/2009-04-Oil Spill Exercise, Bald Eagle Foundation,2009-05-Black Scoter Telemetry in New Brunswick Ford assists Dr. Glenn Olsen, Matthew Perry, and other researchers in capture and implantation of satellite transmitters in wild black scoters in Canada.file/38674/2009-05-Black Scoter Telemetry in New Brunswick2009-06-Konner the Falcon Back on the Job January, All Creatures Animal Hospital of Bremerton, Washington called me to consult on a tiercel falcon that had sustained multiple fractures... file/38675/2009-06-Konner the Falcon Back on the Job2009-09-Banding Scoter in North Puget Sound Scoter in North Puget Sound2010-02-Seaduck Postop Care Research Sea Duck Joint Venture funded a research project by Dr. Ford into post-operative care techniques for long-tailed ducks and black scoter receiving satellite transmitter implants.file/38677/2010-02-Seaduck Postop Care Research