Avian Specialty Veterinary Services of Alaska Files - '20110613 Goose Banding'http://alaskabirddoc.evetsites.netAvian Specialty Veterinary Services of Alaska (Dr. Scott Ford, DVM, ABVP-Avian) provides avian veterinary care to wild and companion birds in Alaska.2007-09-Alaska Bird Club Hosts Seminarhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlIn September, 2007, the Alaska Bird Club hosted Dr. Scott Ford for a seminar on avian emergency medical techniques.file/38668/2007-09-Alaska Bird Club Hosts Seminar2007-10-Minimally Invasive Surgical Traininghttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlDr. Ford visited Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida and learned about minimally-invasive endosurgery in ducks.file/38669/2007-10-Minimally Invasive Surgical Training2007-11-Peacock Neuters in Washingtonhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlDr. Ford travels to Washington to perform orchidectomies (testicle removal) in 4 peacocks.file/38670/2007-11-Peacock Neuters in Washington2008-06-Juneau Visithttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlDr. Ford visits Juneau for medical appointments with pet and wild birds.file/38671/2008-06-Juneau Visit2008-08-Corner to Cornerhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlDr. Ford attends the AAV Conference in Savannah, GA and then is off to the opposite corner of the continent (Barrow, AK) for field work.file/38672/2008-08-Corner to Corner2009-04-Oil Spill Exercise, Bald Eagle Foundation,http://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlDr. Ford visits Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Haines, Anchorage, and Eagle River for teaching, oil spill exercises, meeting with the Bald Eagle Foundation, and pet bird appointments.file/38673/2009-04-Oil Spill Exercise, Bald Eagle Foundation,2009-05-Black Scoter Telemetry in New Brunswickhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlDr. Ford assists Dr. Glenn Olsen, Matthew Perry, and other researchers in capture and implantation of satellite transmitters in wild black scoters in Canada.file/38674/2009-05-Black Scoter Telemetry in New Brunswick2009-06-Konner the Falcon Back on the Jobhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlIn January, All Creatures Animal Hospital of Bremerton, Washington called me to consult on a tiercel falcon that had sustained multiple fractures... file/38675/2009-06-Konner the Falcon Back on the Job2009-09-Banding Scoter in North Puget Soundhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlfile/38676/2009-09-Banding Scoter in North Puget Sound2010-02-Seaduck Postop Care Researchhttp://www.avian-vet.com/20110613-goose-banding.pmlThe Sea Duck Joint Venture funded a research project by Dr. Ford into post-operative care techniques for long-tailed ducks and black scoter receiving satellite transmitter implants.file/38677/2010-02-Seaduck Postop Care Research