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Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Ford...

and I'm a specialist in avian medicine and surgery. I attend to pet and wild birds exclusively because, the way I see it, birds are a diverse group of animals with special needs and it requires focus to be the best at caring for them. I see pet bird patients in Wisconsin. I am also available for consultations and wild bird research support anywhere in North America or beyond.

This website is primarily for following my wild bird care activities. If you are a researcher who needs a veterinarian for your project, you've come to the right place! Please check out my research and conservation page.

Nevada Sage Grouse Translocation


Adult female sage grouse being bandedIn September, 2016, I went to northern Nevada to assist biologists in the capture of sage grouse. The goal of the project is to improve genetic diversity of specific populations of sage grouse in Washington state. I was just a small part of the action, helping to capture birds, check their health and make them comfortable for the trip, and take samples required for importation to Washington state. I had a great time working with biologists and volunteers. The location was beautiful, even in the dark, which is the best time to capture the birds. The clear, dry air and distance from light pollution, meant that the sky was packed with crystal clear stars and silence. Check out the photos posted on the Facebook page and Twitter feeds. You can learn more about the whole project on the WDFW website.


No Longer Practicing at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital


I'm not moving away, just discontinued my affiliation with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital effective September 17, 2016. I'm not sure exactly where I'll be seeing pet birds in the area yet but stay tuned and I'll announce it here and on the Facebook site. To all my clients (and birds): I will miss you so much. I really enjoyed my time at Brook-Falls and especially getting to know you all.